October 22, 2011

The new TiVo update - more news

It's imminent and now Virgin Media has added to their (increasingly informative) community boards with one dedicated to posts from those testing the update 15.2.
You can find it at http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/TiVo-Update-Pilot-Forum/bd-p/tivo_update but please don't flood it with questions to those with the the new software as that's not what it's for. An interesting read though: looks like boxes are faster, PQ may have improved (no real consensus on that, but then not everyone had a problem to start with) but no-one has yet mentioned any changes with PIN code requirement. I'll keep an eye on it and report anything I see of interest.
Universal padding is working but not everyone's happy with the way it has been implemented, but I've noticed that there are only a few people posting there at the moment so it may not be a representative view.


crooky said...

Any lip sync fixes as hd is unwatchable

streaky_7 said...


The issue your having, is that

1) before or after the mentioned update

2) on all HD channels?

I have to say I have never had any real lip sync issues on SD or HD. So maybe there's an underlying issue with your box in particular that needs fixing and not by an update?

Or am I lucky and most people have this issue?

Nialli said...

The only lip sync problem I have seen with TiVo is with Comedy Central HD, which I've also seen on the V+. All other HD fine

aycliffe_angel said...

I've not noticed any lip sync issues at all on any HD or SD channel. I don't watch Comedy Central so can't really verify what Nialli is saying.

I'd say yours is a localised problem @Crooky.

crooky said...

Cheers guys I am going to chase this up now as I have complained twice about the issue of lip syncing. To be honest the worst channel is ITV HD. Virgin medias tech help stated that they are aware of this issue and a fix is due out early next year? Next year!

The X Factor is bad enough to watch but with the lip sync it's terrible.

By the way I love this web site, thanks for all your updates

Regards Paul.