October 12, 2011

Sky Anytime arrives

Rolling out as a soft launch, with the different categories slowly filling up region by region.
Here's what I understand is coming:
  • 'Selected content will be available HD and 3D'
  • The Sky Sports Collection will give access to highlights from Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League football, international cricket and European Tour Golf (for those subscribing already to the channels)
  • The total amount of VOD content on offer from Virgin Media will increase by a third to over 6,500 hours.
Sky Anytime on Virgin Media is initially for customers on Virgin Media’s big basic XL TV tier who will have instant access to programming from Sky1, Sky Living, Sky Arts and Sky News, and in HD where available.
From early 2012 selected programmes from these channels will also be made available to M+ TV customers and above through Sky Anytime on Virgin Media.
And before anyone asks, Sky Atlantic programming will not be available to VM customers on the new service. (Yet.)
And, of course, being a VM VoD service there's none of that "having to download content" first crap...


Moroboshi said...

No Sky Atlantic eh? I guess this service will be of no use to me then.

Virgin, please get your act together, as this is really getting quite embarrassing.

David said...

cant blame VM for sky overcharging for ir as they always do and been proved by ofcom lots of times with sports and movies too be forced to lower price for them

Demir said...

Great, but i pay extra for sky movies hd- so why are all sky movies on demand in sd? Not having a go , but just saying...

David said...

@ demir

it not fully running yet and it takes longer to add HD stuff its coming dont worry

campbellg said...

Too right, Moroboshi

If it was a neat backdoor way of getting HBO drama that we're missing out on then great, but it ain't, so I couldn't care.

VM seem to have a policy of ignoring supposed 'minority interes' channels - if they don't sort this out they will continue to lose customers.

Had a litle look on twitter regarding the Sky Anytime - rather a lot of people asking if Sky Atlantic/HBO shows will be on this only to be let down by VM again.

David said...

@ campbellg

how many times you blaming VM for something they cant control it sky thay making sky atlantic to expensive as proved with there history for overcharging and ofcom and it sky that contorl the content for anytime not VM but not let the fact get in the way eh? sky not letting vm use atlantic on anytime as can only use channels they get when they get atlantic at some point they will it be available on anytime too on VM so stop blaming VM when it not there fault eh

campbellg said...

Have ofcom investigated and ruled that HBO content offered by Sky to Virgin Media is at too high a price?

When I mention 'supposed minority interest' channels you assume I just mean Sky Atlantic, I don't - look at Premier Sports and Box Nation, VM have failed to get these so far to the annoyance of some customers and my point is that their failure to secure such channels will drive away customers and fail to entice others to jump ship to VM.

What fact am I letting get in the way? I'm simply stating that Sky Anytime would be of use to me if it was a way of getting to see programmes I currently can't, as it isn't, Sky Anytime is not something I will use. Did I state that Sky Atlantic programmes are something that should be there? No, I didn't, the clue was in the words "If it was", I did not say "They should have". Obviously if VM haven't paid for the channel Sky won't give them the Anytime content.

I'm simply saying that it will not be used or of any benefit to me, personally, but don't let that get in the way of having a pop at me 'eh!'.

David said...

sorry if sounded as was having a big pop at you i wasnt but my point stand cant balme VM when it not there fault and my point about ofcom is they proved a few times of skys overcharging so it clear thats what sky doing with atlantic sorry about i should have worded it better hopefully sky and vm can both move a little on price and get atlantic soon as poss

campbellg said...

It's clear you think that Sky are overcharging, you might well be right, but until a body like ofcom investigates and announces it's VM's word v Sky's.

Sky have a history of overcharging but VM also have a history of not making channel acquisition a priority.