October 11, 2011

Sky Anytime Movies imminent

This from the Virgin Media website. It appears to be posted prematurely (the service isn't live yet) but does indicate that its arrival is imminent:
So, what does the arrival of Sky Anytime on Virgin Media mean for us movie fans? The good news is that it is going to open the door to hundreds more movies fresh from the cinema that you can enjoy anytime of the day. The bad news is… er, well, there is no bad news.
Basically, if you are already a Virgin Media TV customer and you subscribe to the Sky Movies Collection, you can now access hundreds more movies from Sky Anytime at no extra cost.
If you aren't yet a Virgin Media TV customer then fear not, you can find more information and signing up for it here. If you don't have Sky Movies yet then this can be easily solved by clicking here.
So, what it means for you film fans is that, if you add the 500 movies now available through Sky Anytime to the hundreds of movies already available on FilmFlex and Picturebox, you have a pretty much unbeatable film feast that you can tuck into anytime you fancy.
No launch date yet but the video on the web page does suggest they will be available in HD, which is good news for those who still have V+'s limited capacity but want to have HD movies available on tap.


David said...

yes should be very good when it goes live can't wait

David said...

started to be added now well done VM

Craig said...

Sky 1 now available on Sky Anytime along with Sky Living.

devilincarnate said...

It will all come but peeps need to be patient

MAB said...

can anyone confirm if this is anytime or anytime plus ?