October 19, 2011

An update on the TiVo update

From Simon Hunt, Product Director:

This week we have begun a limited pilot of our next TiVo software release. This new software includes many new improvements as well as key developments that will enable the launch of future products. We’ll be rolling it out to everyone well before Christmas. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:
Spotify Support: We’ll support Spotify’s high quality streaming format, which will enable the Spotify Premium App on the TiVo platform.
Red Button: This update adds extra functionality necessary to support Red Button services developed by our channel partners, such as BBC, ITV, and Sky Sports
TiVo App support: We've enabled the connection of your TiVo box to iOS devices through your wireless router to use our fantastic TiVo app, which allows you to control the TiVo box, browse, search and manage recordings all from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
A new look for YouTube: We’ll support Google’s completely revamped YouTube app, which allows for a more relaxed viewing and browsing experience, and supports HD video!
Full BBC iPlayer integration: We’ve changed the way Catch-up TV through BBC iPlayer works. Every BBC iPlayer programme will now be available through Search & Browse, including much more HD content, and you’ll never use up a tuner for BBC iPlayer viewing.
Express Series Links: Create a Series Link with default settings at the click of a button.
Multi-tap text entry: Use the number keys on your remote like a mobile phone for text entry for typing into search.
Automatic Padding: We’ve had tremendous feedback from customers about clipped recordings, so we’ve installed a default level of padding for all recordings.
Improved Parental Controls: We’ve made some changes with PIN entry requirements to suit every household. In the new update, PIN challenges on pre-watershed playback of programmes in My Shows become optional. We’ve also added the ability to require PIN to access any application.
Skippable Music Playlists: Playlists on Music on Demand will be skippable by track
Live Pay-per-view Events: Live pay-per-view events become bookable with your remote control.
HD Upscaling: As promised on this forum, we’ve addressed the issue with our picture quality and this new update features better standard definition picture quality with improved upscaling.
Connection reliability: HDMI and SCART compatibility improved.
Info and Stop button functionality improved: You’ll be able to use the ‘info’ button in the TV programme guide and the mini guide, while the Stop button now works as you would expect.
Video Preview for every channel: Every channel will keep playing in the TV Guide window, including all the Sky channels.

There are plenty more updates already in the pipeline and, as ever, we will use your feedback to continue to improve our TiVo service.
We’ll be keeping you up to date on this forum


Simon Hunt
Product Director (TV)
Virgin Media


Lags said...

Can you tell me please if this update will include the red and green button options for page up and down on the menus. At the moment you can only scroll down using the down arrow button. This in turn freezes when you get to a certain section on each A-Z search option.

kenneth said...

i have not got it yet but i have not took y tivo on today yet it good the upuadte as stasted .

Philip Guest said...

All very promising.

Hoping that there's going to be improved management of recordings folders (including a manual option) but I'm not banking on it!

f1king said...

@lags The channel up/down button performs that function already so no need to have any other buttons assigned to the job.

Matt said...

Not sure if this is part of the Tivo Update, but I have lost the small screen in the right hand corner when looking at My Shows/Home screen etc.

just have a full discovery bar instead.

streaky_7 said...


Press home so main menu comes up, then press SLOW. It will appear again.

Anthony said...

Awesome! I've been waiting for the iPad app, this will bring TiVo into its own for sure ...

DaveM said...

hmm, no search in music videos on demand yet? that is really a backwards step from the old hd box.

Moroboshi said...

One of the main improvements I'd like is simply correct metadata. When VM's TiVo first came out the metadata was reasonably accurate, but now even with the relatively small number of recordings I make I get all kinds of ancient stuff from junk channels like Dave. This is despite having all my series links set to 'new' only.

Andie99uk said...

Surely, the update more people want to see is a real "reminder" option? For people who have a memory problem and who want to be reminded to watch something, rather than miss it or just record it (Who wants to watch a sports event after its finished?)and watch later.

TheHynooToad said...

Yer agreed need reminder and for tivo to run smooth and fast apart fron that awesome

martine93 said...
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martine93 said...

Could we get ITV 2,3,4 HD a part of
the ITV VOD advertising deal ?


kenneth said...
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kenneth said...

i been told by the tivo team menber at i am not down for limited pilot there i live but i will get the full update in otb novb time .