October 24, 2011

TiVo Update comments summary

A summary of the TiVo 15.2 Update reviews:

Spotify Support:
Not launched yet

Red Button:
BBC still launches iPlayer. ITV launches ITV Net Player (not sure if it did that before).

TiVo App support:
The TiVo ports are now open and going to port 80 on the TiVo box now gives a "Not Authorised" message - so clearly there's something there. But no app visible on the App Store yet.

A new look for YouTube:
Leanback app replaces the original. It's an interesting take on browsing videos, but I'm not sure it's that useful. The items in Apps, Search and My Shows all just take you to the leanback app.
The Youtube Videos link from the Programme Info page now takes you to the same app, but having done a search on the programme name

Full BBC iPlayer integration:
You can go straight to the iPlayer content from the Programme page, however it takes a ridiculous number of presses of OK to get there, you think you're going round in a loop at one point. This might not be true for all programmes, but was for my quick test just now.

Express Series Links:
Yep, this works. As long as you're happy with the padding settings then this is a nice contrast with what it takes to get to On Demadn content.

Multi-tap text entry:
This works in search. Doesn't work in apps (eg Youtube) though.

Automatic Padding:
This is there. 1 min before, 4 mins afterwards.

Improved Parental Controls:
There is Parental Controls settings menu in the Settings menu. One of the options is "Request a PIN to watch shows recorded after 21:00". Yes/No.
And it works!

HD Upscaling:
Don't know whether there is a difference here or not as quality varies so much between channels anyway.

Connection reliability:
Haven't seen any problems here.

Info and Stop button functionality improved:
Info works in a few more places. Stop now stops playback of a recording.

Video Preview for every channel:
Yes it does.

Additional things I've noticed:
- Green button in the guide allows you to jump to a particular day/time
- Sky Anytime Movies are included if you subscribe to the channels anyway. They are presented like the rest of the On Demand content as plain alphabetical lists of movie titles which are still very slow to page through.
- Reboots are down from the previous version (which was very unreliable for us).
- Performance is better on the recordings pages I think
- Transition between Menu/Guide/Search is not perfect, but not epilepsy inducing like before.


Viola said...

Sky Anytime + content isn't TiVo code specific - just happened to be delivered at a similar time.

sidders said...

I guess the TiVo update must be on a
"roll out" programe since there does not appear
To have been any changes to our TiVo box yet!!

ra7or said...

A week ago I got the 15.2 RC firmware and initally all good and could confirm to see a bit performance improvement.
The new youtube is very slick needs getting used to.

In addition: The remote network works using a cable connect to my router I could use my iPhone app to act as remote control with peanut app. HOWEVER according to the helpline after couple of day this caused my TiVo to go through repetitive reboot loops and after several days of hard rebooting and not getting fixed had to get a new one :-(

So still not as stable as you wish

Richard said...

Firstly, my view is that 15.2 has been very stable compared to previous releases. But then I've never had to reboot the boxes due to instability issues or ever had lockups.

@ra7or - peanut app is for US products not UK; so its not intended to work with our boxes. However in saying that, I can't see it being the cause of the problem. Its a remote control app - if it reboots the box, you just disconnect it. Worse case is it will corrupt some data files and you reset to factory defaults and loose all your recordings. I honestly think the box had a different problem.

Back to features...

In addition to some of the comments/featured mentioned, I would suggest people look at the buttons used to control the playback of 'on demand' content; recordings; and the 'youtube' stuff. There is much improvement here.

it isnt clear here but mulitap is where the numbers on the keypad correspond to letters... basically you can browse faster with the keypad to type stuff out... great for people who haven't got a smartphone and have had plenty of practice at texting on an old mobile!!!

Another feature to play with when using the browse feature: When you find a program you can look at an episode guide and you can see what is in 'on demand' or in your recorded folder to select how to watch stuff. I don't remember this previously and it works really well. Already saved me from a few potential problems with the wife missing stuff!!!

As I have always said, the killer feature about Tivo (for me) is the ability to find programs by name and never to worry about what time or channel. This has been improved by the inclusion of the episode guide and the ability to link directly to the 'on demand' content.

steveg091972 said...

Can anyone confirm if the update is being gradually rolled out, or if it has been rolled out nationally. My box is still reading 15.1!

martine93 said...

"The software update has begun and is being done region by region.

Unfortunately we do not have a schedule to advise what area will be done when."


Anonymous said...

On a seperate note, my first TiVo let down today. My 'Jamie Oliver' keyword wishlist search recorded Jamie when he appeared on Jonathan Ross which was a nice touch, but failed to record his new series starting tonight - any ideas guys?

streaky_7 said...

@ Reggie

Go to Home - My Shows and Recordings - Recording Hiccups

Hopefully it will explain why it hasn't picked it up as it could be a number of reasons.

Though the show hasn't been on yet so there is no guarantee it isn't going to record it - I think sometimes if its a wishlist, it doesn't necessarily say it's going to record (with an R next to it in the diary) - it just records it when it comes on. Though I may be wrong, but I can't remember seeing a record symbol next to a wishlist programme in the guide?

But like I say, it could be a number of reasons, disk space, clashes with higher priority series links, wrong metadata etc. Check the hiccups list and see if it'll tell you