February 05, 2011

1000 VIP50s get TiVo...free...for life UPDATED

There's a somewhat odd and long thread over on Cable Forum (and a smaller one on Digital Spy) about 1000 VIP50 customers receiving a free, personalised TiVo remote this morning that entitles them to a free TiVo and service for life.
I haven't received one (I'm a VIP50, signed up my interest in TiVo on the day it was announced) and the whole thing doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, especially when I read that some recipients of the remotes hadn't even heard of (let alone registered for) TiVo and weren't VIP50s.
So maybe all of us VIP50s will get the same deal but we're not being sent the personalised remotes. Let's hope so.
Here's an email from Virgin Media on the Lucky 1000:
Thanks for your email, we are always grateful to receive feedback from our customers. I am very sorry that you feel disappointed by our Tivo roll out, I can assure you that we thought long and hard about how best to delight our customer base, and planned our customer communications very carefully. The first customers to get their hands on our new Tivo product was our staff last December, we are now in the process of going out to segments of our customer base and we will continue to do so until April when we open the offer out to new customers. We believe we have developed an offer for existing customers that is very compelling, and is better than the offer being made available to new customers, this is a core principle for us. The only new customers we have approached so far, as you indicated in your email, are some of the Tivo series 1 customers, and this is for some very specific contractual reasons which could not be avoided.
Thanks and regards,
Executive Director
Digital Entertainment
Virgin Media
So don't worry if you're a VIP50 and haven't received anything yet - it's early days and there's more of this type of activity planned.


Anonymous said...

Think its a total farce myself,Give some people free then expect others to pay £149.Think a email to the ceo`s office is in order to express my digust

Square eyes said...

If you had registered interest on the VM website for the TIVO service and were a VIP/VIP50 customer, you could have been selected to get it free - it was a lottery for who was chosen.

On the other hand if you had been selected don't think you would be calling it a "farce", I think you would be on here boasting.

Andy said...

As a VIP 50 customer, registered in advance, I'd just like the opportuntity to get one or to have a definitive view of what VIP50 customers will need to pay!

Hakeem said...

Nialli: Cant believe after running this blog for months giving them untold promo VM havent given you one for FREE! Thats the biggest disgrace personally! ;o)

Nialli said...

I don't think running this blog entitles me to special treatment - I'm just a paying customer like everyone else here.

mesut said...

I am Waitting as sky really pissing me off with HD box that keeps failing and taking my recordings with it every time I replace the box. I been also NTL and now Virgin media customer too and have the basic tv, phone and broadband package. I also registered for TiVo but just had one email! You think they would send regular updates.

Sky really know how to sell themselves.

Nialli you doing a great job, and VM should have given you TiVo first, this kinda advertisement is essential for these products.

Thanks mate and keep up the good work.

Now I got ring sky n get my HD BOX replaced :-(