February 01, 2011

Digital Spy review of TiVo

Digital Spy has reviewed Virgin Media's TiVo: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/digitaltv/news/a301229/virgins-tivo-platform-the-future-of-tv.html. It's a curiously muted review - perhaps not surprising as I have often thought DS editorial has a heavy Sky bias - and it lacks the actual release date, which is disappointing.


Habanero said...

I've read a few reviews, but so far none of them mention the physical size of the box. For some reason, in the intro video it looks huge, and I have doubts it would fit in my TV shelf.

Timbo85 said...

I sooo want TiVo... Just waitin for the call... I heard it only has 2 working tuners and the 3rd won't b available for a few months... That's a let down but am still getting it;)