February 13, 2011

Virgin Media TiVo sites

If you are looking for a UK TiVo forum to supplement the Cable Forum Boards, try the TiVo UK Community Board.
Also, there are some very interesting new videos of Virgin Media's TiVo in action over on the UKTivo blog. I've pasted one in here, but visit the blog for more.


BikeNutt said...

Liking the new look Nialli - very Tivo-esque! It's much easier to read items in the right-hand pane - like the poll results for example.

Nialli said...

Thanks. The polls are always a problem as they aren't consistant in the different browsers - the latest one doesn't look so good in Firefox on the Mac and there's a problem on Safari too. The poll only runs until Friday so I'll try to resolve it before I run another.

Jez24 said...

Looks good in Firefox on the PC

Nialli said...

It has got the same problem on the PC as I was seeing on my Mac - the test below the poll is grey-on-grey. I cannot adjust it as once a poll starts you cannot edit it. The text can be read if you highlight it.
The poll also has too much spacing when viewed in Safari.