February 16, 2011

Virgin TiVo raffle

Paul has just commented on an earlier post regarding Virgin Media calling TiVo prospects:
Not had a call, but have received a mailshot from them today with a 'raffle' ticket with a unique reference number on it.

You need to register it to be in the draw to be one of 1000 lucky winners who will win Tivo free for a year.
For those of us still waiting (and it would appear to be that the vast majority who registered an interest haven't been contacted yet) this would be worth doing, even if we still don't know for certain how much TiVo is going to cost existing customers and at what bands a subscription will be levied.
One comment I'll make: the longer this protracted roll out takes, the more tempted I am to upgrade my V+ with a 1tb hard disc. I know that's a bad bad thing but I'm not recording half the stuff I want to in HD as 20 hours of recordings is simply insufficient. First "alternative means" for viewing Boardwalk Empire, now I'm considering this. It's a slippery slope...


paultrademark said...

I'll give a few more details.

It is a mailshot from VM with a little booklet with a ticket attached to the front cover.

On the ticket there is the Account Holders name and a large OO1 on the front.
Under that, there is the URL to go to

Under that there is a URN (Unique Reference Number) which you put in the above URL.

Once done, it advises you that if one of the lucky 1000 people chosen, you will be notified before 20th March.

Entries must be done by February 24th

paultrademark said...

Also to add, this is to win a Tivo for 12 months free (so am assuming that includes the box, install and 12 months subscription)

Nialli said...

thanks. the link doesn't work btw.

paultrademark said...
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paultrademark said...

Sorry deleted last post as pics too small.. will try again




URL worked for me, the full URL is


Hope those work

jamieh999 said...

Got a ticket too, though there's a six-digit number underneath the URN that looks like it may be a ticker number... the odds of being on of the 1000 may be rather slim!

mattbuk said...

Just had an email from virgin, but no raffle :-(

Dear Matt,

The countdown is on!

A little while ago, you let us know you were interested in our new TV service, Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo®. We’re delighted you’re as excited about the new service as we are! We’re looking forward to bringing it to you as soon as we can. In fact, that’s why we’re getting in touch.

Here's the latest...

We’ve had an amazing response to our new service from our existing customers so will be offering them priority installations throughout March. We expect the new TiVo service to be available to the general public in April and we’ll make sure that you’re first in line before it does go on general sale. From then on you’ll be able to search, browse, record and explore even more on your TV. Get set to transform your TV experience very soon!

We’ll be in touch again nearer the time to bring you more of the details. For now, you can sit back, relax and wait for all the good stuff to come to you.

Yours sincerely,

The Virgin Media team.

speajc said...

I've also just received an email from VM, although slightly different wording to Matt's, suggesting I have to wait even longer.... they won't even be contacting me until the end of March....so the reward of ten years customer loyalty and registering an interest on the Tivo webpage on the first day is to be called a week before it is available to the general public! Great customer service!


At Virgin Media, our customers come first. That’s why we’d like to offer you the chance to order your TiVo service before it goes on sale to the rest of the Great British public which we expect to be in April. What’s more, we’ll make sure you’re first in the queue to have your service installed, with priority installation, just for Virgin Media customers.

If you’re interested, you don’t need to do a thing. We’ll be in touch around the end of March to let you know how you can get the TiVo service before it goes on general sale. For now, you can sit back, relax and wait for all the good stuff to come to you.

Square eyes said...

Just to remind everyone

The V+ box is the property of VM, so if you do decide to tamper with it's workings (eg HDD), remeber if the box is damaged in anyway VM have the right to bill you up to £250.

I know that this sounds likw me with the company hat on, well maybe it is in a way, but I would not like to see anyone being charged this kind of money, when at the end of the day all you are having to wait is around 50 days for the TIVO service

Nialli said...

Like Mr Eyes says, it's a breach of the terms of your contract to put a larger disc in your V+. Tempting though it may be...

Habanero said...

I've just received a raffle ticket, despite not having registered any interest in TiVo before. I am interested, mainly because the V+ is a piece of junk.

brooza said...

Just got mine through today. I did register my interest and am on XL

ceuerby said...

Got my Virgin Tivo installed last Friday. All i can say is that I am not disappointed, huge space, quicker menus. Reminds me of Sky but none of that old V+ box lag. Very impressive. Raffle winner, installed and box for free!!

Wait for it!!