February 21, 2011

BBC2 HD and 3D plans

A while back BBC HD boss Danielle Nagler promised that all BBC channels will eventually be simulcast in Hi Def, but it now appears that the next to appear, BBC2 HD, won't launch until at least 2013 because of cost constraints and some technical issues. 'The BBC’s commitment to HD is not in debate - there is no one here who doesn’t believe we should move towards it pretty rapidly - but it has to happen along with everything else the BBC does,' Nagler told Broadcast.
It's also reported that all new BBC content will have to be produced in high definition by April 1st this year, but I thought that the news output, Match of the Day and of course the older repeated shows weren't shooting in HD until next year, so I'm a wee bit confused on that.
And if you want to know about Nagler and the BBC's plans for 3D, there's an interview with her on 3D Focus.


Moroboshi said...

All I want to hear on 3D are people honest enough to say "it's a pointless gimmick to sell HDTVs and we aren't interested in it."

3D is fine once or twice a year for massive event movies in an IMAX, but for anything else it's absolutely pointless. Moreover, current 3D HDTVs are a flickery mess with heavily darkened images (due to the ridiculous glasses) and about as much depth a pop up kids book.

Nialli said...

Agree with you 100% sir.

Rodger said...

3D is the way forward you guys dont know what you are talking about