February 28, 2011

SD upscaling on the TiVo

There have been several posts on Digital Spy suggesting that the upscaling of SD on the TiVo is inferior to the exisitng V+ box. There have also been posts asserting that there's no discernable difference and I guess as always it will be in the eye of the beholder.
I asked Scottivo what he thought and he said that he doesn't really watch any SD now but he'll have a look on his new TiVo.
I don't watch any SD myself anymore except the odd programmes on BBC News, BBC4, More4 and those things I record but don't have sufficient disc space to record them in HD, so if the SD upscaling is inferior I don't think it will personally be important to me and my legacy 32in 720p TV.

1 comment:

Viola said...

Can't say I've noticed any difference. Seen 'em both side by side on identical tellies and honestly doesn't look any different.