February 03, 2011

Virgin package price changes, April 1st 2011

Details of package price changes here


FlashD said...

So the XL TV package prices is increasing but we have just lost TV channels, does this make sense to anyone. Are we going to get more channels with this increase? I wouldn't even mind if we got some of the free to view channels like the other CBS Channels, or any of the hundreds that are available on other platforms (Freeview, Freesat, Sky).

I hate to say it but I am actually think about switch, other platform have great phone line deal (BT for example give you free 0845 & 0780 on there top package) and larger TV channel choice (example Sky with there hundred and hundred of channel including there larger range of HD ones). If only the broadband and on-demand was as good on non-cable :(

brooza said...

I think they've just looked at which TV, BB and phone packages I'm on and increased each of them

As long as they bring PremierSports over (included with XL as is rumoured), I will be OK with the increase as I was going to subscribe to that through Sky on its own anyway

Erich said...

The less channels = higher price crap is one thing, but under the "yours to enjoy - on the house" section, they have the nerve to advertise "Unlimited downloads, no sneaky charges" with the caption "If clips make us laugh. And laughing makes us feel good. Why put a limit on it?"

Why put a limit on it, indeed? Not only is this not true, VM constantly contact people telling them they're downloading too much for the tier they're on, it makes no mention of the single most restrictive traffic management policies anywhere on UK broadband. The 75% speed drop on most tiers, that kick in after you've checked your email a few times, is completely insane, and has left VM apologists having to resort to the absurd defence that they really only download stuff between 2am and 8am anyway. Which is a bit like saying they only drive their car in reverse most of the day anyway.

So if laughing makes you feel good, just read VM's latest round of propaganda. It's a lot funnier than anything you'll find on YouTube.

BK said...

unless I get better value for money for my £50/mth (TV V+XL, BB L, phone M) I will be switching BB to XL and replacing V+ with a freeview HD PVR which will pay for itself in a year!

Everything I used to watch has left sky, and the only thing i will miss is the odd ESPN football game.

DSO will mean that the free HD channels will come to terrestrial.

ScottJM said...

FlashD, try this site out, it has saved me a fortune on customer service line calls;
Another useful one for calling free phone numbers from your mobile and getting them free as part of your call allowance is http://www.0800buster.co.uk/
Hope this helps soften the blow!

Moroboshi said...

Not really sure why we're paying more when the only new channel of note lately - Sky Atlantic - isn't on Virgin's platform.

Even the promised upgrades to the pathetic BB upload speeds are the best part of a year away for most.

BikeNutt said...

They don't charge for basic HD channels, they just sneak in incremental changes throughout the year.

Marketing. Don't ya just love it!

My favourite is "get all this for just £11.99 *

* when you take a phone line for £12.49

They really do think we were born yesterday!

Square eyes said...

It's almost as good as Sky's marketing for the fairytale deal £20 for TV, Phone & Broadband

Most of their customers pay almost £39 for that one - so who's conning who?

nobody is forcing you to stay with VM, so if thats the case why stay???

Vipnot said...

Hi comrades,

I'm not sure if price increase can be justified in current climate however I don't think we complain to petrol station when they increase their prices or utility companies? Do we??

Don't get me wrong but we actually don't get more fuel or heat for it by my calculation?

V.Media just introduced an upgrade from 20Mb to 30Mb at no extra monthly cost which is very good. I know not everyone is on 20Mb speed however I'm quiet positive they'll look into it and offer you something else in addition to what you've got already if asked.

Regarding the loss of channels, I believe this was deliberate (by sky who owns the channel) and who just launched sky atlantic (which V. Media customers can't get at the moment) in order to ambush the launch of Tivo box by virgin media.

Bt- Telephone package
Sky-Tv channels
Virgin Media- Broadband

can't have all three? can we?:)

Regards .)