February 19, 2011

TiVo calls

If, like me, you are a Virgin Media VIP50 and you haven't had a call yet - you are not alone. The poll I ran on this blog over the last week had only 248 respondents who had taken a call offering them TiVo. Whilst not everyone who visits here necessarily responds to the polls or may not be registered for TiVo, that's a pretty low count. Polls on VMHD normally register over 700 votes, and when you consider that the site had almost 9,000 unique visitors whilst the poll was open that's a pretty low percentage VM are calling - 2.78% to be precise.
Hardly scientific of course, but it does at least put things in some sort of perspective and maybe those of us who haven't been called should feel less hard done by.
Meanwhile, over on Cable Forum, the early recipients are reporting installs. Lucky swine...


Louise said...
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Louise said...

Were getting a pop-up on some channels saying if we register on-line, we could win one for a year free of charge. Anyone else getting this?