February 16, 2011

Virgin email to customers this evening

No raffle ticket or phone call for me today, but this just arrived in my In Box:
The countdown is on!

A little while ago, you let us know you were interested in our new TV service, Virgin Media TV powered by TiVo®. We’re delighted you’re as excited about the new service as we are! We’re looking forward to bringing it to you as soon as we can. In fact, that’s why we’re getting in touch.

Here's the latest...

The new TiVo service will be available to the general public in the next few months. But you won’t have to wait that long to get your hands on it.

At Virgin Media, our customers come first. That’s why we’d like to offer you the chance to order your TiVo service before it goes on sale to the rest of the Great British public which we expect to be in April. What’s more, we’ll make sure you’re first in the queue to have your service installed, with priority installation, just for Virgin Media customers.

If you’re interested, you don’t need to do a thing. We’ll be in touch around the end of March to let you know how you can get the TiVo service before it goes on general sale. For now, you can sit back, relax and wait for all the good stuff to come to you. 
Other recipients have reported that their emails say throughout March. Still no mention of pricing for existing customers though.


Anthony said...

I received a letter from VM in the post today, alas, no raffle ticket though ... only an offer for a Blackberry, which I promptly threw in the bin! Just got the e-mail, mine states the end of March

Matthew said...

Thought this might be of interest, not sure how true it will be. A mate of mine who works for Virgin Media sent it to me.

TiVo staff offer
£49 Activation Fee (one off charge)
£40 Installation Fee (one off charge)
£1.50/month Monthly TiVo Cost

Mates rates
£149 Activation Fee (one off charge)
£40 Installation Fee (one off charge)
£3/month Monthly TiVo Cost
Mates Rates bundle or larger

Existing TV customers
149 Activation Fee (one off charge)
£40 Installation Fee (one off charge)
£3/month Monthly TiVo Cost

New customers
£199 Activation Fee (one off charge)
£40 Installation Fee (one off charge)
£3/month Monthly TiVo Cost

Square eyes said...

To All

Matthew is correct these are indeed the prices, one thing I must stress - you cannot have a TIVO box unless you agree to subscribe to the TIVO service for at least 12 months.

mercelous said...

I am a VIP 50 customer and I am having TiVo installed today after being contacted by phone and it cost me £149 plus £3.00 per month with no install charge. I was told all existing VIP customers do not have to pay install charges. I was told,

VIP CUSTOMERS- £149 for box
£3.00 per month subscription

NON VIP CUSTOMERS- £149 for box
£49 instulation
£3.00 per month subscription

NEW CUSTOMERS- £199 for box
£49 instulation
£3.00 per month subscription

Nialli said...

I still haven't had a call, but when the time comes I've decided that I will stomach the £3 a month as long as I'm left my current V+ as my second box rather than my aging Samsung V box.
I would have thought VM would waive the £3 monthly sub for VIP50 customers as an enticement for more to move up to the top package - it's disappointing that there is yet another charge being levied.
I have two VM mobiles too, but that never amounts to anything it seems.

Aaron said...

The price of £149 plus the fact that i don't own the box i think it is not for me. I hate to say it but Sky our working on renting BT's fibre optic lines and if so. A jump ship may be on the cards.

BK said...

Install fees can prob be negotiated out of, esp if you are up for renewal... but usually activation fees are fixed.
Going by the V+ box, TIVO activation will slowly come down in price and this time next year it will prob be £75. Early adopters are always punished!!
I reckon V+ will be phased out too, with a TIVO software update coming to the V box...

Ian Manton said...
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rowland2008 said...

just received my lucky ticket(bit like willy wonka)to be in with a chance of being the first 1000 come the end of march,what a load of bollocks,why did'nt they just wait till they have enough units and launch in say May.i should have stuck with sky HD.

Mentalis said...

I got "the email" last night. I now have until the end of March to save up.

I can cut around £6 off my bill, so the £3 should not be a problem. Can anyone lend me £149?

mercelous said...

My impressions of TiVo since having it installed yesterday is, its bloody amazing. It's very quick looks stunning in HD and there is so much to look at. I really am blown away by it. Trouble is it now makes my V+ guide look like analogue. Looking through character profiles and finding films and tv shows weeks ahead and being able to set them to record is fantastic. It is already recommending stuff and being able to rate shows is good. The remote is great and is heavy but in a good way. The only fault I have is that when you set your picture HD resolution it does not save it no matter what and keeps reverting back to 1080i. Hope it will be ironed out soon. You do get to choose 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, or all of them and 1080p which is not yet available. There is also no BBC red button yet. The box is silent and looks good. I was told by the guys that I was part of 6000 that are testers to iron out bugs and that it is being updated on a regular basis. The install took an hour and it can take 24 hours for the guide to fully install as there is so much info to download to the box. So I really think its worth the money. Honestly once you get it you will never regret it. Well done Virgin. STUNNING.