March 10, 2011

BBC focussing on more HD than 3D

Rather than invest in 3D the BBC intends to place greater focus on making high definition production and distribution an "integral and seamless" part of its operation. (source: Telegraph)
The BBC is planning a series of limited technical trials of 3D production technology, including at Wimbledon this summer, but described them as “experiments” designed to “explore the creative potential of the new format, evaluate the different technology options and help us contribute to the standardisation process”.

Quite right, I say. Although Virgin has only dabbled in 3D with some on-demand films and documenataries, all the 3D hype on Sky has reportedly only attracted around 70,000 subscribers to its new 3D TV channel since it launched in October last year.
I'm somewhat surprised to see the BBC HD channel still showing a number of BBC1 shows (isn't that what BBC1 HD is for?) - you would have thought they could fill it with content from BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC News and the children's channels. It would also be good to see the iPlayer HD content include complete series (like they do in SD) rather than just episodes from the last seven days - maybe that will be addressed when the TiVo iPlayer App is fully available and has HD content.

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Erich said...

Sky's HD subscriptions were in more or less the same range for the same period when it first launched, and there were more HD channels and content on offer, so 3D take-up is on the right track. This means we can expect the BBC to start taking it seriously in about 5 years time, which will soon be followed by online campaigns claiming the 3D doesn't have as much depth as other channels, and that BBC1 2D looks just as 3D on a good day. ;)