March 28, 2011

Sky Atlantic HD speculation

Spotted by Gunslinger on Cable Forum: Sky are no longer promoting Sky Atlantic HD as "free and exclusive to Sky customers" on One hesitates to draw hasty conclusions from such things, but could it be 'coming soon' after all?


Anonymous said...

think the earliest we will see it is september when it goes into the variety pack on sky,Really cant see it happening before then

David said...

Wishful thinking

I wish people would drop this subject or jump ship to SKY!

Its pathetic really

Hornet Productions said...

indeed - just download the stuff from the web - why worry about whether it comnes to virgin - having watched some of the ones that I have downloaded they arent worth watching anyway....

wickywoowoo said...

Well, yet another Tivo complaint. I happen to be a fan of WWE and wanted to order WrestleMania on Box Office this weekend.

As a Virgin customer, I am long used to not having HD but last year, we didn't even get the show because Virgin don't know how to use a clock.

This year, because I have a Tivo box, I can't even see the thing because Tivo does not support Box Office as of yet.

What a pathetic company. Two years Virgin have stopped me ordering a PPV that even the Gaza Strip can see.

A disgrace.

Anthony said...

@ wickywoowoo - you should be happy to have Tivo, the rest of are still waiting!

You could have asked the question beforehand, you didn't 'have' to have Tivo installed did you.

wickywoowoo said...

Umm, yes, I did. I was one of the 1000 winners of the free box. I didn't order this at all.

Also, would you expect to lose channels when upgrading to Tivo? I didn't. I guess it is my fault for not being psychic.

More the fool me for expecting Virgin to explain when you are getting less for the same money too.

Erich said...

You could have asked the question beforehand
Don't be absurd. Customers shouldn't be expected to ask if a supposedly revolutionary, next-gen box is somehow missing one of the most basic features of the previous generation of boxes.

wickywoowoo said...

I am talking to someone on the Cable Forum who is supposed to be a Virgin employee and they suggest swapping the Tivo box with my old V+ box just for the event.

It shouldn't be a major hassle - I hope - but it's just... really odd. If it isn't a major thing to do, why the need for a specialist installer for Tivo in the first place?

He didn't do anything I couldn't have done myself when installing.

Anthony said...

@ Eric - It's not absurd, VM's Tivo isn't the finished article, there are many updates to come - so yes I would ask. Especially if I so desperatley wanted to see WrestleMania after missing out the year before.

wickywoowoo said...

This isn't an update - this is a CHANNEL.

It's a fundamental difference between a third tuner and an entire channel.

We had box office 15 years ago on systems less powerful than a mobile phone now yet Tivo can't handle it now? That's pathetic.

Erich said...

It's not absurd, VM's Tivo isn't the finished article

It's completely ridiculous. Are customers supposed to come up with a complete check list of basic features before they order, because VM decided to put out a project nearly 4 month later than first promised, and apparently at least 4 months before its anywhere near fully functional?

How's this for a start?

1. Can it display images in color?
2. Does it work with a television?
3. Does the remote work with the box?
4. Is the sound enabled yet?

I wouldn't even be surprised if the answer to at least one of those was "no" at this point.

Anthony said...

My point is, it's not a problem with Tivo, it's a communication issue - that's all

Alex said...

@Erich. It is absurd. If you purchased a new car expecting it to drive itself then crash because you weren't in control who would you blame? The car salesman or yourself for not asking basic questions? Assumption is the mother of all f**k up's.

Erich said...

Of course it's a problem with Tivo. Customers cannot be expected to ask whether basic functionality that's been around on stone age boxes for the last 10 years isn't working on their brand new next gen box.

VM have released what is essentially a buggy Beta product - if that - but are perfectly happy to charge full price for it.

Coops said...

Really not that different from when Sky realised there HD box, I went through 19 boxes in the first year countless updates until they perfected the system, there is not better way of testing any system then realising it to the public to test.

I would be happy to have a box and test it for them and think they should ask customers if they would like to be considered for this.

whether VM Sky or BT they all had or have problems which are going to happen it is life

Steven said...

What about ITV 2,3 and 4 in HD!? Has that been forgotten?

stuxross said...

Hello All,

I've been searching the internet for forums regarding TIVO as I've just had it isntalled. When I ordered it I specifically asked the question "Is Sky Box Office available on TIVO" (as im keen to watch the Klitschko v Haye boxing fight on 2 July). I was told absolutely yes it is avaialble. So having spoken to friends that have V+ HD boxs' they tell me yes they get it via channel 0. Having looked around my TIVO box it started to dawn on me that I couldnt see box office anywhere!! I will be calling Virgin tomorrow and I will be furious with them if they've given me wrong information and I've shelled out £200 for the TIVO box, when i should have just got V+ HD!!!!

ralphswurld said...

From what the cable guy in one of the cable companies in my area, Sky are no longer promoting Sky Atlantic HD as "free and exclusive to Sky customers" on One hesitates to draw hasty conclusions from such things, but could it be 'coming soon' after all?