March 27, 2011

F1 in HD

I'm not a fan so I didn't bother to tune in for the Australian Grand Prix but how did it look?


Tom Chiverton said...

Much the same I thought. I don't know if the source broadcast of the race itself was HD or just the BBC specific parts.
Quality of the picture from the host broadcasters has always been variable so maybe we got lucky.

Rob said...

It is the trackside feeds produced by FOM that have switched over to HD. I did think it looked extra sharp and clear today.

joff81 said...

the HD feed was great quality over qualifying and the race especially compared to to the practice and re runs ive been watching via the red button in SD. the standard def broadcasts just look so pixellated and soft.

good to see F1 has finally moved to HD along with other FIA series like FIA GT and FIA WTC series.

BikeNutt said...

Big improvement over the SD alternative (in-car SD shots are still variable, of course). Several temporal problems through (frame rate).

The wife and I also noticed the on-screen graphics going in/out focus at times. Never seen that before and probably unrelated to the HD broadcast.

Nialli said...

I'd imagine broadcasting live HD from Australia was always going to prove a difficult debut for F1. Sky's coverage of the Ashes didn't look that crisp to me and occasionally had some sound sync issues too.

lee said...

I'm non-plussed really.

Will be difficult to start with as all their archive footage is obv upscaled, but the HD broadcasts were definitely clear and very crisp.

My issue was, none of it lookd HD-ey, if that makes sense - the beautiful cars at speed should stand out but they didn't, it just looked clear.