March 29, 2011

Rubicon arrives on BBC 4

When the BBC lost Mad Men to the mighty cheque book of Sky Atlantic, we were promised another AMC quality product, Rubicon, as a replacement on BBC4. We then learned just a few weeks later that the series was cancelled after a single 13 episode season which meant that it was to be something of a brief encounter than a prolonged engagement.
Well the good news is that it is finally with us, starting on Thursday April 7th on BBC4. And the bad news is that it's not showing on BBC HD. The schedulers instead have two repeats of That Mitchell & Webb Look at 11pm that night in HD, but haven't the wit or the where with all to show Rubicon in high def. Crazy crazy crazy.

1 comment:

Square eyes said...

If you have not seen Rubicon then you are in for a treat. It is not a fast paced action drama, however it does have a great plot line with a few twists thrown in.

Pity that the show was cancelled, showed some real promise