March 08, 2011

Ordering TiVo online

Regular Cable Forum poster and VM employee Digital Fanatic says:
I've been told that pre regs will receive a special email with ordering details, you will then order online before any other customers.
Once all pre regs have install dates, then it will be opened up to other customers and then new customers after that.
You should get your email towards the end of the month [March]...It's going to be quicker than calling everyone and you should have an install in April.
For those of us still waiting for that call (and from the poll I ran on the blog, that's 91% of the 500+ respondents) it's been a frustrating wait but hopefully almost over. Let's hope we get a discount that makes it worthwhile.


Philip Guest said...

I'd be surprised if we get a discount - VM probably thinks early adoption is reward enough!

mattyoungs said...

I called them on 0161 282 5044 explained to them about my missed call (tried No three time throughout the day until a human answered) the guy was really good. Took all details and confirmed that I had registered and then booked me in for a install in two days time. Blinding service £149 Activation as I already have phone and BB