March 24, 2011

TiVo: not just the third tuner added

From the Virgin Media Community Tivo forum (and posted on other blogs too), here's a list of what was delivered with the recent "Third Tuner" software update on the TiVo boxes:

•3rd Tuner support

•Recommendations improved by incorporating customer collaborative Thumbs data into the Discovery bar and recorded recommendations

•Box no longer displays ‘Channel not authorised’ during normal channel changes

•Customers no longer PIN challenged on watershed compliant channels

•Bookmarks supported in Movies

•Trailers now available and working for movies

•STB no longer reboots when return path is lost.

•Green button now links to catch-up content correctly

• Music playlist fixes

• Metadata improvements

• Quicker to restore TV service after reboot

• Medium description utilised in VoD screens (adds rating guidance information)

• User presented with choice of HD or SD assets in ‘Get from On Demand’ screen

• Front panel LED’s now function when box is in standby

Also, HD capacity now shows at 125 hours rather than 99.

1 comment:

Ken said...

I think it's worth expanding on "3rd Tuner support". If my reading of an earlier poster's comment is correct, you can actually record three things simultaneously. On the current TV Drive the third tuner can only be used for watching a live program.

If that's the case it will be really useful; I'm forever getting clashes around 9 or 10pm and having to do complicated shuffles to record series on +1 channels or manual deletes of the least important one. Having said that I think I read something else that said the Tivo would realise if there was a clash and reschedule one of the recordings for a repeat of that programme at a different time.

I can't remember being so excited about a piece of technology in a while. I've been on tenterhooks since November.