March 29, 2011

TechRadar TiVo review

Full review here.

  • Incredibly powerful
  • Huge range of functionality
  • Highlights the benefits of a cable connection
  • Makes finding content easy
  • TiVo recommendations are fabulous
  • Occasionally overcomplicates things
  • Lacks polish in several places
  • Could do with a QWERTY remote control


Ben said...

Having just read that review I would say that is a very fair and balanced review. The negatives they pull up are negatives I can agree with. But all of those negatives are easily resolved by VM as they continue to develop Tivo and release software updates for it.
The one big thing I did disagree with was them saying it isn't quite a match for the Sky+HD 1TB. Erm, I think you'll find it is, and then some! :)

Paul said...

The price is a negative also.... I won't be paying extra for it. Just my humble opinion.