March 25, 2011

TiVo iPlayer app adds BBC HD programmes?

I saw this posted by DevilIncarnate over on a post on Cable Forum - it looks like the BBC iPlayer app on the TiVo box has now added BBC HD content, too. Can anyone with a TiVo please confirm?


nicola said...

Yes it has been added.

Anonymous said...

just need BBC1HD on there now

Al said...

Good afternoon Nialli

As a first time poster may I just say how much I enjoy reading your blog - it is very informative.
I am a VIP 50 customer and, like you, I am among the 91% who have not been contacted about TiVo. Unlike you however, I do not host a blog which has had over 700,000 hits among the Virgin community. It seems to me that if there is anyone who Virgin should get a TiVo to, it is you as you could test it and report to the community through your blog. If TiVo is as good as it seems surely you would encourage a greater take up thus increasing business for Virgin. Have you thought about emailing Mr Berkett and suggesting he might do well to send an engineer round to your house?? I would happily endorse such a suggestion as I would welcome your opinion on TiVo.
Keep up the good work.

Nialli said...

@Al Thanks for your kind words about the blog. It would have been nice to have had a TiVo early from Virgin Media, but I've never been offered and it's all a bit late as it launches for all this week.

Paul said...

Big deal my tv does that anyway