March 17, 2011

Third tuner activated on TiVo boxes (updated)

Thanks to Ben for the following info:
The third tuner on the TiVo box went live this morning. I can also confirm it will record three channels at the same time - I now have three programmes set to record at 10pm this evening, where last night it had found another showing of the lowest priority one.

There seem to be other small changes too but I'm sure more info will come throughout the day on the forums.
It's also just been Tweeted by Virgin Media:
virginmedia Virgin Media

TIVO:: Great news! We've just enabled the 3rd tuner on our TiVo-powered service! For more info on TiVo check out
And there are reports on the (ridiculously long) Cable Forum TiVo thread that HD recording space has increased too as part of the code drop, presumably as some development code is removed from the mix. HD recording time now increased from 99 hours to 125.
Can't verify this myself (still no TiVo call/email from Virgin Media) but hopefully the more fortunate can comment.


Anonymous said...

Yes got up this morning to my tivo box showing a red a green light on standby,Which is a vast inprovement it is also showing red lights when recording(before you had to have power on to notice this).Have tested all tuners(3) to see if all record and watched a pre-recorded program at same time,Well done vm worked a treat and recieved update in march as promised.It also aknowleged on home page in info bar about the 3 tuners now being active and i believe this is how we will be informed of future improvements thru updates in the future,Got to say tivo is proving to be what vm have promised and they are certainly starting to deliver.Just now need some new HD Channels to go with it

Square eyes said...

Told you the 3rd tuner was coming soon

wickywoowoo said...

I only found out about the third tuner on here. No notification from Virgin, 30 hours after activation and still no channel guide up to the 14 days as promised and have already had to manually reset the box after it froze this morning.

I really am struggling to give this thing a thumbs up so far despite it's massive potential to blow Sky out of the.... Sky.

mattyoungs said...


I had same with mine go to Home
Help & Settings/ settings/ Network/ connection to Virgin media TV Service Now. then press right it will now say
Connecting at top followed by following

getting info
Loading Info (22%)

Once complete go back and see if epg is full2 weeks if not I did mine 3 times then left it for an hour in stand by and it started to update fully.

Also my engineer did not go into Video output output format and select test formats. Tv will scroll through 576i-1080P and you just push the green thumbs up when you see a picture on tv. then at end push thumbs up three times and you will have max resolution possible for your TV:-) good luck tell us how it goes

wickywoowoo said...

I have done the manual update several times, still nothing beyond 26th March.

I also have nothing but "failed" on the port connection thing too.

The engineer basically told me a load of crap.