March 18, 2011

Still waiting for TiVo?

Me too. Just got this email from Virgin Media:
Thanks for registering to be in the running to get one of 1000 TiVo boxes, to enjoy on us for a year.
As much as we’d have loved you to win one, sadly you weren’t successful in securing a free TiVo box in our prize draw.
If you’d like to upgrade to our supercharged TV service, just sit tight. We're launching in April so we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks with an exclusive offer, just for our customers.
So, sorry all, no Nialli TiVo review on this blog for another few weeks. Ho hum


Dan said...

Haha, me too. But I'll happily buy this cheap Tivo with half the HDD space in April, if that's still going ahead. Especially if you can keep your existing V+HD box.

david said...

I got one to so I'm going with sky 1tb box much beter

so bye bye virgin

Square eyes said...

Just so you are all aware this has been emailed to 117,000 customers, but I have no idea of what the special offer is

mattyoungs said...

It will be a box for £149 and no activation fee (£40). Brand new customers will have to pay £199 + £40 activation.

I paid £149 for my Tivo last week. Its really clever piece of kit. Loving the HD.

Nialli said...

@david: odd decision. You haven't won a free TiVo so you're going for the two tuners for £249 plus installation option rather than VM's three tuners for £149?

Square eyes said...

Some people a just plain stupid. I would love to know what makes it better

HD, 1tb, 3 tuners, tivo service, 3D, fuzzy logic, guaranteed for life, dedicated 10mb internal modem, on-demand, £149 and more

Sky HD
£249, 2 tuners, 1 year warranty, 1tb, 3D
nothing else

I can really see the appeal, I think I will ditch VM, my tivo and go back to Sky......
Who the hell am I kidding stuff that, would have to be a complete idiot to even consider it. Sorry David you are a fool

wickywoowoo said...

I got this email today at 6pm.

I also got a phone call 10 days ago telling me I was chosen and my Tivo box was installed this past Wednesday.

I called to check this and it seems everyone who signed up has got this email or something, so don't take it as you have missed out just yet.

This whole Tivo layout has been a farce, not to mention the fact that it takes 5 DAYS to fully update and load and people still can't get the 14 day channel guide.

It has so much potential but I question Virgin releasing such a buggy, incomplete product. It would have been best to release it all in one go, fully functional but still giving existing customers the freebie prizes.

It could be the Sky killer if Virgin work it right though.

Dazz285 said...

I've had no communication from VM at all even though I registered on day 1.

david said...

oh and@ Square eyes im not stupid
wot sky buter how about 50 HD channels

streaky_7 said...

Can anyone confirm 100% that the smaller hard drive Tivos are definitely coming out?

And if this is the case, do we know when and how much? Not speculation but decent insider info?


Snowy Brighton said...

No email from them today or yesterday.

I spoke to the Customer Relations team who said they were calling people all weekend. So fingers crossed!

Although, they did say that everyone who didn't win got the email saying so. Unfortunatley, they don't have a list they can just check :-(

Square eyes said...


yes there are 2 smaller version coming out, but as stated no exact dates and costs yet, if you keep an eye VM website or here as soon as the onfo is available you will know.

the 500gb Tivo from what I have heard £49 plus £40 install, but this price is unconfirmed, this bit may be wrong.

As normal as soon as I know - you will

JingleMan Sweep said...

No phone call, no "failed to secure" email and I registered on day one. What to do? I'm hoping I have a free one, but doesn't look likely at the moment!

Michael James said...
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Paul said...

I am still waiting but I suspect this might be the better option. The TIVO box is a computer and it seems to me that Virgin are doing the standard procedure of putting out some kind of beta version to a small group of customers.
I suspect the general roll-out will be the signal that they have a reasonably stabilised set of software.