March 12, 2011

BT Vision v Sky v Virgin Media

On The Register there's a pretty detailed comparison of the three main pay-TV providers for those not sure which will best suit them come the analogue TV turn off next year. Virgin Media comes out top, scoring 80% despite the review not covering TiVo, whilst Sky is scored down at 75% due to Sky's lack of a decent on demand service (Anytime+ is still "coming soon" for many areas). BT Vision lags last with a 70% rating, picture quality being the main criticism.


Erich said...

A completely idiotic and irrelevant "article". There were far more sensible points made in the associated comments section, and that's really not saying much.

Leaving aside the seemingly arbitrary 80% and 75% ratings for VM and Sky, anybody who thinks BT Vision by comparison is as little as 5 points behind either of them should simply not be allowed to have internet access. or indeed any other means of spreading such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Erich. Compared to Virgin Media and Sky...BT Vision is terrible.