March 21, 2011

More new HD series arrive

Returning soon to Virgin Media:
  • Desperate Housewives - second half of season 7 - April on 4HD
  • Doctor Who - April 23 on BBC One HD
  • Fringe - second half of the excellent third season - March 23 on Sky1HD
  • Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena - Mar 21 on Sky1HD
  • The Chicago Code - May on Sky1 HD
  • The Defenders - Apr 8 on FX HD
  • The Runaway - Mar 31 on Sky1HD
  • V - season two - Mar 24 on Syfy HD


Glenn said...

this is off the subject (sky alantic)
within about a month. not confirmed
but deal has beed done for sd and hd formats.

i hope it true

Nialli said...

Hi Glenn
I hope you're right. Where did you hear this? I know VM have been testing a new HD channel using Sky1HD as the placeholder, so you could well be right. btw, they're also testing additional SD channels, probably for the full launch of the Sky red button service over the next few weeks.

howardmicks said...

I have heard a simular rumour,I contacted the ceo`s office regarding new hd channels last week and listed a few i was hoping for and that was one i listed.This is the reply
Regarding our HD line up, we added nearly 30 new HD channels in the last 12 months, and we're pretty pleased about that. In addition, we offer most of those channels at no additional monthly fee, unlike Sky which charges £10 per month for HD. Please rest assured that we will not stop there, we have plans to add more great HD channels in the months to come. We're currently in discussions for a number of new HD channels, including those mentioned in your email.

Nialli said...

That's the standard response from the CEO's office now regarding HD channels. It's no secret that they've had talks with Sky about Atlantic. I haven't found anyone though who can verify what Glenn's heard.

Glenn said...

sorry peoples. sky alantic wont be on our screens until september or october. sorry bad information.