June 25, 2009

August 1st for six HD channels on Virgin?

According to a forum post on Digital Spy, Virgin will launch six HD channels on August 1st:
Just received a reply from Mr Berkett's office regarding HD Channels and ESPN. Below is the reply (Please note no mention of coming soon)

We are in negotiation with ESPN
We will launch half a dozen channels on August 1
Nothing official from Virgin and not the first time we've seen a possible date. I will see if anyone at VM can substantiate this. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Just got this back from VM support:
At the moment there have been no announcements, as soon as anything new does come out this will be communicated to the customers.

Kind Regards
Laura Jay
Virgin Media Technical Support


baw said...

could the rollout of 50 Mbit internet be having an effect on the rollout of the HD channels ?

August would seem to coincide roughly with the final areas to get upgraded

just athought...

Anonymous said...

I noted that the communiqué stated that "We will launch half a dozen channels on August 1"

No mention of HD - if that were their intention, don't you think they would be making one helluva noise about it.

Nialli said...

As it was in response to a query about HD channels, it would be an odd reply to my mind if it wasn't referring to them. Having said that, I rate the likelihood as about 50/50 on this date.

Dazz285 said...

As always I'm not going to hold my breath ;-)

Anonymous said...

in fairness ... it doesn't state what year in the response ;)