June 12, 2009

Living HD coming this year

According to Broadcast Now, a high definition version of Living is coming this year, and it will be followed by HD versions of all of the Virgin Media TV channels:
Virgin Media managing director Johnny Webb said taking Living HD was “an absolute priority”, to kickstart an HD roll-out of all of the operator’s seven channels.
No more details at present. One assumes this will arrive on Virgin's own TV service, but one shouldn't take these things for granted.


Anonymous said...

this is one of the channels they are trying to sell off,Now they are saying they want to make it a HD Channel.Does anyone know what they are doing at VM

Alexei said...

Yeah seems a bit weird? Are we sure it's not sky who want to make it a he channel when they buy it?

Anonymous said...

Could be something in that,A friend of mine as just moved over to sky hd and the operator at sky who he placed the order with told him they were in the process of buying vm`s channels and were going to make them HD and wouldn`t be available on vm