June 11, 2009

Five reveals HD simulcast plans for Freeview

...and presumably other platforms too. OFCOM has announced that Channel 5 will join the other public service broadcasters, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 in launching four HD services on Freeview over the next few years. According to the OFCOM press release:

Channel 5’s application initially involves simulcasting its main public services channel programmes at peak time on HD. This means that popular programmes such as The Gadget Show, UEFA Europa League, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and blockbuster movie premiers could become available in HD from late 2010.

In the future, Channel 5 predicts sharing its HD channel with another broadcaster during daytime hours and supplying other services, such as Video on Demand in HD overnight.

Another peak-time simulcast then, similar to ITV1's HD plans. Five's films and US imports in high def will be most welcome, especially if they rescue 30Rock from its current home on the spin off backwater FiveUSA.

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tvsersity said...

Not that this means much to us on Virgin, as there seems little chance of us being able to receive this. (unless we upgrade to Freeview HD)