June 15, 2009

Music service "coming soon" to Virgin customers

Not wishing to be outdone by Sky (but frequently being just that) Virgin has announced a streaming/download music service tie up with Universal. Details here.
(Yes, I know it's not HD but then this blog would be pretty static if I didn't follow a slightly wider brief these days.)


GJD said...

And in return, Virgin will be monitoring their customers internet use and suspending those users who persistently download music over P2P. #virginfail?

Alexei said...

Unlimited downloads of Bryan Adams Anyone?

moonblade said...

Just want to add a point about subtitles on Vm. We had subtitles for about a month on BBC HD, and then a week ago they just stopped again. They are a big part of the service for us as my wife has hearing problems. We can’t use filmflex or the other VOD services despite the obligatory “coming soon” for subtitling on these services from virgin. I have phone up customer support a few times and get a various response: “ We can’t do subtitles on HD”, “The BBC wont let us use their subtitles stream”, and of course “Coming soon”.
When you consider how many people rely on subtitling, and they also have a legal duty to screen subtitles, the whole situation is stunning.
What do the rest of your readers think to the situation?

Alexei said...

When will the Music and film industry realise that they have to embrace the internet and revalue their products! An Mp3 file is clearly not worth the same as a CD and Booklet! yet they still want virtually the same amount of money! The film industry for some bizarre reason believes that every person who goes to the cinema to see the film will buy it on DVD! What? are they retarded? There are very few films that i would be prepared to pay £20+ for a Blu ray version, for a digital copy i would pay £2.00 and no more the same for an album! embrace the technology you dinosaurs who refuse to Die!

Anonymous said...

If you don’t want to use either of those services then you may want to try Napster. Napster actually popularized Music Downloads back when they gave users access to songs for free.