June 03, 2009

More HBO in HD

There's one of HBO's less well known series, Tell Me You Love Me, now available in Virgin's high definition on demand. I haven't tried it myself but click the link above if you want to know more. In all there are ten episodes - it never made a second season - and the show's main claim to fame was apparently its explicit sexual content; "a provocative and honest exploration of intimacy" as they say.
Good to see more episodes of Carnivale now available in HD - we're up to episode seven now, five more to go of the first season. Let's hope we also get the second (and final) season too, and it would be great to have seasons two and three of Big Love that were never picked up by Five.
And I'm really hoping they'll dig up the remarkable Deadwood in HD sometime soon.
Viva HBO!

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