June 25, 2009

Carnivale season one complete

Hang out the bunting and pop open the Champers! The twelfth and final episode of season one of the outstanding Carnivale has finally appeared in HD TV Choice On Demand. According to the info screen, it'll be around for another couple of weeks, as will the final episode of another excellent HBO show, season one of Big Love. Great to have them complete - I highly recommend both.
Disappearing today was the sexually explicit Tell Me You Love Me - possibly the most eye-opening series yet from HBO. I only watched the first episode, but I can honestly say it shocked even little ol' me - it would even have made Channel 4 at its raunchiest look pretty tame.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Carnivale is superb, the only downside is for some reason HBO cancelled it after series 2.

The full run was meant to be 6 series ... so we only get one third of the story by then end of Series 2 :(