June 06, 2009

Virgin Programme Guide Update

Virgin has renewed its contract for middleware software Liberate. There was also a glimpse of the future of the EPG ("electronic programme guide"), or, rather, there would be if I could find the illustrations referred to in this story from Broadband TV News:
A glimpse of Virgin’s current thinking was seen at Furturesource’s Driving Digital Content in London this week. Kevin Baughan, director of technical strategy, showed a ‘proof of concept’ drawing in a variety of components to make up the TV experience. “We’re moving away from programme guides and time, giving channels zones in which they can develop a relationship with the viewer.” Baughan showed stills of a guide where channels would have their own areas, directing viewers to linear, on demand and broadband content. However, logistics and the existing receiver inventory mean that even if Baughan was to receive immediate approval for his plans it would still take several years before they were implemented.

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