June 13, 2009

FX showing True Blood

One of HBO bigger successes of late has been the vampire series True Blood. Starring Emmy-winning Anna Paquin, this adult series from the man behind Six Feet Under and American Beauty has received strong reviews stateside but for some reason has taken a while to land on our shores. FX are showing season one from July 19th. Let's hope VM can do the honourable thing as it has with the latest series of Dexter and add this series to our On Demand programming next month. Or, even better, add FX HD in time.


bradmcr said...

i don't think FX HD will come to virginmedia soon as FX is part of News International and therefore SKY

Nialli said...

We've had FX content before (Dexter being an obvious example) so you never know. Not all News Corps companies are anti-VM, and there's a truce of sorts between even Sky and VM.