June 08, 2009

ITV1 HD on Freeview

OFCOM's report on the Freeview HD channel applications gives an interesting insight as to what the full ITV1 HD channel is going to be:
The ITV1 HD Evening Hours service, as a simulcast of the mixed genre ITV1 service, will provide a wide range of programmes which will increasingly be in native HD.
The [Freeview] service will operate from 18:00 to 23:00 seven days a week.
The service will include at 35% of native HD content at the start of 2010, rising to at least 60% at the start of 2012 and at least 70% at the start of 2014.
Odd. Cutting off at 11pm really means ending at 10.30, as any weekday programming after regular News At Ten timeslot is simply not going to fit. Maybe it will be different on Sky and Virgin, but it doesn't make a great deal of sense to me.
Channel 4's Freeview HD proposal is more straight forward:
“We propose to broadcast our 24 hour Channel 4 public service channel in HD simulcast.”
All new commissioned and acquired content will be delivered in native HD format by the start of 2012.
In all there are four HD "slots" to be available on Freeview; the BBC has one, ITV and C4 as above, and the final one is currently being assessed with Film4 or Five the most likely takers.

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bradmcr said...

has anyone any idea when the freeview hd boxes are being released for sale? as i live in the manchester area i believe we are going to be the first area to receive freeview hd officially but have heard nothing about boxes and prices.