June 05, 2009

Comment of current "imminent" speculation

I'm sceptical about this current speculation because I heard similar noises from insiders a month ago, if anything even more definite...and nothing was announced. I was in two minds about posting this time, but I'm sure readers of this blog are familiar enough with these things to draw their own conclusions. Until VM issue a press release announcing actual channels and dates I'm clearly marking 'speculation' as such. And we've even had official press releases in the past that have proven empty promises...

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sammyjayuk said...


I'm a recent HD refugee, and find that I'm missing on demand much less than I thought I would, and appreciate the vastly greater amount of HD on Sky.

The old guide annoys me though, since even though there's stuff like an A-Z a whole lot of it relies on having a tuner free - much of the time I'm actually left with far less functionality than VM's guide.

Therefore, I'm very much looking forward to getting Sky's (much delayed, it is true) HD Guide on my Amstrad, which I believe is something that the SA V+ physically can't do.