June 01, 2009

jPod in HD coming to Virgin On Demand UPDATED

Virgin are showing the Canadian series jPod via On Demand through the summer, in both standard def (via Virgin Central) and in high definition for V+ customers. According to the Virgin press release:
Comedy-drama jPod is based on the coming of age novel of the same name by Douglas Coupland and will be available for all Virgin Media TV Choice customers exclusively this summer in standard definition as well as crystal clear HD.
All thirteen episodes of jPod will be available in Virgin Media’s on demand library TV Choice for two months from 1st June, with the first four episodes also available in Virgin Central, the free on demand channel, throughout June.
From what I can gather the show had a cult following (much like the book) but was cancelled after 13 episodes - more on the show itself in this entry on Wikipedia.

UPDATE: The Guardian calls jPod "the best show of 2008 that no one saw";
"Set in Vancouver videogame company Neotronic Arts, the show follows the inhabitants of the titular jPod (an office where everyone's surname begins with J due to a Y2K glitch). Strange things are afoot in jPod. The podsters look to make history with the most sickeningly violent video game conceivable: BoardX, a spectacularly heinous skateboard slasher game that makes Grand Theft Auto look like Sonic the Hedgehog...
"If you like pacey, sharply scripted drama, punctuated by horrific CGI violence, then it is definitely worth your time."


Anonymous said...

I have 13 episodes, with EP 13 labelled as HD, but is not. Anybody got proper HD ones yet?

maestromarv said...

they've arrived, but where's Dexter this week???

m_a_thornton said...

There was a delay with Dexter, they'll upload it soon according to their Twitter

bradmcr said...

just started to watch this show and it's weird but good but unfortunately there are only 5 HD episodes and most annoying jumps from episode 4 to 6