June 20, 2009

This blog

A quick word about this blog as a few posts ago I posted the 500th post which is a bit of a landmark.
Since starting up late in 2007 it's now rapidly approaching 250k visits and there've been over 320k page views. 84,000 unique visitors, and there are a pretty regular 1,000 visits a day, dipping down to around 600 at weekends.
I hope you guys find it useful and informative - it's a crying shame that Virgin don't heed the clamouring for more HD on UK cable and that their promises of more soon appear to be as empty and hollow as ever.


baw said...

I would just like to offer a note of appreciation as i check your site daily and often find out what is happening with Virgin here first.

I also like the fact that you cover ALL aspects of Virgin's services not just the HDTV.

Thank you

Nialli said...

Thanks for your comments - feedback always appreciated.
I don't write much about VM broadband and haven't penned a single word about telephone or mobile. Maybe once we have a satisfactory level of HD on the TV service I'll broaden things a little more

Chris said...

I'll second baw's comment. I check the blog daily and it's on my RSS feeds on iGoogle.

Harkaway said...

I also have your very enjoyable, informative blog on my RSS reader and feel a bit disappointed when there's a day witout a post. Even if it is just to recap where things stand or what's new on HD on Demand, it is worth looking at.


dmc5007 said...

Great blog and thanks for your commitment to the subject, as has been said this is the most definitive source about HD on Virgin.

Its just a shame that Virgin haven't matched your commitment!

Afront said...

Impressive visitor figures Neil, but not all that surprising as VMHD is consistently interesting, informative and wonderfully wry and opinionated. Lesser men may have given up months ago on reporting on Virgin's infuriatingly limited HD service, but while there's someone like you to shine a light I remain hopeful that something better really is coming soon.

Thanks Nialli and here's to the next 500 posts!

Cheers, Jer

mattbuk said...

I also would like to say a massive thank you for all your efforts.

I have been logging on for just over a year now daily, to keep upto date with whats going on.

I have made a few comments in the past, but as the name Matt.

Just signed up for an account to make this comment lol

Nialli said...